12-13 June 2002 IHOP - WRF Convective Initiation Simulation

Description: Simulated atmospheric fields were generated using version of the WRF model (ARW core).  The simulation was initialized at 06 UTC on 12 June 2002 using 1° GFS and 20-km RUC data and then run for 24 hours on a double-nested domain containing 6-km and 2-km horizontal grid spacing, respectively. Sub-grid scale processes were parameterized using the Thompson et al. (2008) mixed-phase cloud microphysics scheme, the Mellor-Yamada-Janjic planetary boundary layer scheme (Mellor and Yamada 1982), and the Dudhia (1989) shortwave and Rapid Radiative Transfer Model longwave (Mlawer et al. 1997) radiation schemes. 

Simulated Atmospheric Field Images:

Domain 2

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