Instructions for Installing the "Winter Precipitation Ingredients" VISITview Teletraining Lesson

14 December 2001

In order to install this VISITview teletraining lesson, you will need to create a new directory on your Windows PDW hard drive, download a self-extracting, compressed file (an 'exe' file) into this new directory, and then execute (run) this file in order to extract the lesson files. Please use a fast PDW computer with at least 64 MB of memory (RAM).

  1. create a new directory on your computer to hold this lesson.  For example, open a DOS or Command Prompt window and type:

  2.        cd \
           mkdir visit
           cd visit
           mkdir ingredients
           cd ingredients
    You can also do this using the Windows Explorer  or My Computer.
  3. get the self-extracting file (it is about 23 MB in size) via FTP or by aiming your Web browser at either of the following locations:

  5. be sure to put this file into the same directory  you created in step 1.

  7. to extract all the lesson files, just run the ingredients_14dec01.exe file by either:
  8.                                             OR
This completes the installation.  To test the training lesson installation, first open the Display Control Panel and make sure your Settings for the Desktop Area is 1024 by 768 pixels; then just click on the


filename from My Computer  or Windows Explorer, or open a Command Prompt window, and type:

              cd \visit\ingredients

To join a scheduled teletraining lesson as a "student", first quit all other PC applications to free up system memory; then type visit from within the visit\ingredients directory. During the lesson, if a message "Communications problem - restart" appears at the bottom of the window, then you will need to close out the VISITview Client application (double click over the "X" icon in the upper right corner of the VISITview Client window), and then enter the visit command again.

In the Command Prompt window where you entered the visit or the visitlocal command, you will see various communications messages appearing; for the most part, you may ignore these.
  If you are using a Unix system, you will need to install the Sun Java JRE software on your local computer...for more information on doing this, send us email.

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