Current Status

  • *** 1942UTC 01Mar2018: Problems with surface data availability caused problems from approximately 0400Z -> 1400Z 01Mar2018. Work has been done to (hopefully) address this problem the next time it appears. Production has been nominal since 1500Z 01Mar2018 (Please contact: for any questions/concerns.)

Recent Changes

  • 2100UTC 04May2017: Added a link to the CIMSS Retrievals/Clouds online Archive (CRCA). (
  • 1700UTC 28Sep2016: As of 1400Z 27Sep2016 (2016271), the GOES-14 Imager and Sounder instruments were deactivated. GOES-14 is now in on-orbit storage.. ( (
  • 0234UTC 03Aug2016: As of 2000Z 02Aug2016 (2016215), select GOES-14 Sounder imagery and products are again available here. GOES-14 Sounder Total Precipitable Water, Lifted Index and Cloud Top Pressure Derived Product Imagery (DPI) became available 1800Z 04Aug2016 (2016217). (
  • 2316UTC 30Jan2016: GOES-14 Sounder products are now available on the GOES Sounder Page. See also CIMSS ADDE G14 products for availability of CIMSS GOES-14 Sounder Derived Product Image (DPI) areafiles and (SRET-schema) retrieval MD file data. (
  • 1731UTC 20Nov2015: At approximately 0922UTC 20Nov2015, the GOES-13 Sounder experienced an anomaly. All GOES-13 Sounder imagery and related products are affected. For further details, please see CIMSS Satellite Blog entry. (
  • 1800UTC 26Jun2015: Removed CIMSSP1 ADDE group from all_cimss_adde_datasets (
  • 0331UTC 17Jun2015: Software updates re-enabled remaining looping capabilities that had been broken (

This website contains various GOES derived product images (DPI) as well as composite displays made routinely at CIMSS, usually every hour, using current GOES multi-spectral sounding and imager data.

Realtime radiances and derived products

For those using McIDAS to gain ADDE access to the satellite data used in these displays, use one of the following CIMSSP* ADDE groups: CIMSSP or CIMSSP7. Please see all_cimss_adde_datasets

Other GOES Products at CIMSS

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Unless otherwise noted, all satellite data are provided by the Data Center at the Space Science and Engineering Center (SSEC) of the University of Wisconsin - Madison and are displayed using McIDAS, the Man computer Interactive Data Access System.


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The products from GOES (Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite) shown here are experimental. These are generated and maintained within a research environment (here at CIMSS (Cooperative Institute for Meteorological Satellite Studies)) and are not intended to be considered operational. Timeliness, availability, and accuracy are sought but not guaranteed.

This website works best when viewed with a browser that is compliant with W3C standards, such as Firefox, Netscape version 7 and up, Opera, and Safari.