Realtime GOES Sounder Support for Florida-area CRYSTAL


** Realtime component was in effect only from 27 June to 09 August 2002. **

To provide current GOES Sounder products in support of the CRYSTAL field campaign over southern Florida and its surroundings during the summer of 2002, CIMSS is providing near real-time displays tailored to the CRYSTAL domain. As its full name implies, "Cirrus Regional Study of Tropical Anvils and Cirrus Layers - Florida Area Cirrus Experiment, the CRYSTAL-FACE is a NASA-led project to study tropical cirrus clouds. Dr. Steve Ackerman of CIMSS is a principal contributor to the project. Presentations of the Derived Product Images (DPI) of profile parameters in clear air, such as, total precipitable water (PW in [mm]) and lifted index stability (LI in [C]), show hourly imagery over the last six hours. In addition, cloud top pressure (CTP in [hPa]) DPI are also provided. All these PW, LI, or CTP DPI can be animated (for trends) or toggled (for intercomparisons). Comparisons with other estimates include the first-guess PW field (from interpolated AVN model forecasts and surface reports), the Eta model Lifted Index forecasts, and the 00 and 12 UT radiosonde PW and LI values.

The gif files (and associated animations) of GOES Sounder DPI from previous days remain accessible through the web, stored by their date (yyddd) and labelled with a parameter/date/time name. [For example: a "yyddd" of 02182 is, for year (20)02, the 182nd day of that year, which is 01 July 2002.]

Until recently here at CIMSS, these GOES Sounder DPI had traditionally been generated with 3x3 FOV (field-of-view) spatial resolution . However now, since 22 March 2002, single FOV (SFOV) resolution retrieval processing is now done, which is approximately at 13 km east-west and 12 km north-south spacing in this region, focussing on southern Florida and the nearby Atlantic Ocean.

Disclaimer. The products from GOES or other satellites shown here are experimental. These have been generated within a research environment and are not intended to be considered operational. Timeliness, availability, and accuracy are sought but not guaranteed.

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