19 February 1996 -- Tornadic Supercell Outbreak in LA/MS/AL

GOES-8 water vapor image

GOES-8 water vapor image | Java animation

WSR-88D base reflectivity

WSR-88D base reflectivity | Java animation

A shortwave trough with a well-defined vorticity lobe was located in northeastern Texas at 12 UT on 19 February 1996. A dry slot was evident on GOES-8 water vapor imagery, indicating the axis of a 150 knot jet streak which was rounding the trough axis. As this dry slot/jet streak began to move northeastward into Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama around 15 UT, the SPC updated the Convective Outlook to include a moderate risk of severe storms over that region. Several tornadic supercells developed that afternoon (national radar composite).

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