09 March 1999 -- GOES-8 Sounder 6.5 Micrometer IR (Water Vapor)
Heavy Snow Over the Mid-Atlantic Region

(this 8-image Java animation sequence will take a minute or two to load...)

This loop of GOES-8 Sounder 6.5 micrometer InfraRed (water vapor) imagery shows the progression of the core of the mid-level dry slot (gray to black enhancement) on 09 March 1999. The leading edge of this dry slot was feeding into the rear portion of the cold cloud band approaching the East Coast, helping to produce the initial round of moderate to heavy snow over that area.

An isentropic analysis along the 320K surface is overlaid on the 11:46 UTC image (isentropic data derived from 12:00 UTC rawinsonde reports).

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