19 September 1998 -- Hurricane Georges in the Atlantic Ocean

GOES-8 visible image - Click to enlarge

GOES-8 visible image

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GOES-8 10.7 micron IR image - Click to enlarge

GOES-8 10.7um longwave IR

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Hurricane Georges strengthened to a Category 4 storm on 19 September 1998, with maximum sustained winds to 145 MPH. NOAA GOES-8 visible and 10.7 micron longwave InfraRed (IR) imagery (above) revealed the well-defined eye and cold cloud top temperatues exhibited by the storm on that day.

Georges continued to move northwestward across the Atlantic (below), affecting the Leeward Islands and Puerto Rico on 21 September, the Florida Keys on 25 September, and eventually the Gulf Coast region of the U.S. on 28 September.

GOES-8 IR montage image - Click to enlarge

GOES-8 IR montage
18-28 September 1998

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