02 September 1998 -- Wildfires in Idaho and Montana

This 2-image Java applet will take a minute or two to load...

Hold any mouse button down as you move the cursor across the large GOES-8 visible image; the smaller inset window shows the corresponding GOES-8 10.7 micron longwave IR image. In the visible image, smoke plumes can be seen to fan out to the east and southeast; in the 10.7 micron IR image the larger plumes (extreme northern and eastern Montana) are evident as slightly cooler (more yellow enhancement) features.

Surface wind barbs are plotted on the visible image in red, with obstructions to visibility (H=haze, K=smoke) plotted in yellow; on the IR image, surface reports of temperature (F), dew point (F) and wind barbs and gusts (knots) are plotted.

Java applet developed by Tom Whittaker, SSEC / CIMSS

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