20 March 1998 -- GOES-8 6.7 Micron IR (Water Vapor)
F3 Tornado in Northern Georgia

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This 4-hour loop of 30-minute GOES-8 6.7 micron IR (water vapor) imagery shows the rapid re-intensification of convection as an elevated "moisture plume" feeds into the trailing edge of a collapsing squall line over northern Georgia. Rawinsonde profiles at Birmingham, AL (BMX) and Peachtree City, GA (FFC) showed a mid-tropospheric moist layer around 400 hPa (7.2 km).

Also evident on the water vapor loop is a small lobe of vorticity that moves from northern Alabama into extreme northwestern Georgia and into eastern Tennessee.This vorticity feature did not appear to be well-analyzed by the ETA model.

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