16 March 1998 -- GOES-10 10.7 Micron Longwave IR
5-15 Minute Rapid Scan Imagery (19:15 - 22:15 UTC)

(this 30-image Java animation sequence will take a minute or two to load...)

These 10.7 micron longwave InfraRed images are from the first day of the GOES-10 Science and Operations Test. During this 3-hour loop, images at 5-15 minute intervals show a variety of cloud features associated with a vigorous southern Plains storm system.

Very cold cloud tops (red/black = -70/-75 C) are seen with a mesoscale convective system moving eastward across Louisiana and the Gulf of Mexico. Intense convection produced high winds, heavy rainfall and some flash flooding across parts of Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana and Arkansas. Strong low-level southeasterly inflow ahead of the MCS was evident from low cloud motions over the eastern Gulf of Mexico and across the Florida panhandle and southern Alabama/Georgia.

Heavy snow and freezing rain was occurring beneath the rapidly cooling cloud tops within the deformation zone located over the Texas and Oklahoma panhandle regions into western Kansas.

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