03 January 2001 | GOES-10 3.9 Micrometer Shortwave IR

Java applet developed by Tom Whittaker, CIMSS / SSEC

This loop of GOES-10 3.9 micrometer shortwave InfraRed (IR) imagery shows the "hot spot" (black to red enhancement, +30 to +50 C) from the large wild fire that started around 12:20 UTC (4:20 AM Pacific time) in the Cleveland National Forest between San Diego CA (station identifier KMYF) and Campo CA (station identifier KCZZ).

Hourly surface reports are also plotted on the GOES imagery. Note the easterly to northeasterly winds at 15-20 mph at Ramona CA (station identifier KRNM) and Campo CA (station identifier KCZZ). Winds within this strong Santa Ana flow were gusting to 45-65 mph across parts of San Diego county during the morning hours.

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