30 June 2004 - NOAA-15 RGB Composite / Shortwave IR Image Fader

Hold the left mouse button down as you drag the Slider control (labelled "Set Fade Level") above the image (or click on the arrow buttons) to fade between the NOAA-15 AVHRR 3-channel composite (channels 1/2/4) and the corresponding shortwave IR (channel 3) image. To zoom, click on the "Zoom" button, and then click the "hand" cursor on the image where you want to center the zoom. To toggle between the 2 images, click in the middle of the grey Slider control area (beneath the word "Fade" in "Set Fade Level").

These images show the areal extent of the thick smoke along and west of the Alaska/Yukon Territory border, as well as the numerous active fire "hot spots" (black to red enhancement - red indicates the hottest brightness temperatures) at 16:12 UTC on 30 June 2004. Concurrent surface reports of restrictions to visibility (smoke and/or fog) are plotted in yellow.

Java applet developed by Tom Whittaker, CIMSS / SSEC

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