20 September 2000 | Xenia, Ohio Tornado Event

GOES-8 visible image - Click to enlarge

GOES-8 visible image

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GOES-8 IR image - Click to enlarge

GOES-8 IR image

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NOAA GOES-8 visible and InfraRed (IR) imager data (above) show the convection assocated with a squall line moving from Indiana into Ohio late in the day on 20 September 2000. A tornado touched down in Xenia, Ohio (in central Greene county - county outline shown) around 23:20 UTC (7:20 PM EDT), producing F4 damage.

GOES-8 Sounder Lifted Index (LI) and Precipitable Water (PW) derived products (below) show that the air mass over southwestern Ohio was recovering from a convective outflow boundary earlier that afternoon. By 22:46 UTC (6:45 PM EDT), the LI values were -4 to -6 C (red enhancement) and the PW values were 34-38 mm / 1.4-1.5 inches (red enhancement) just south and southeast of the squall line.

GOES-8 Sounder LI - Click to enlarge

GOES-8 Sounder LI

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GOES-8 Sounder PW - Click to enlarge

GOES-8 Sounder PW

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