7 September 2000 - South America

GOES-8 ABBA fire observations - Click to enlarge

GOES-8 ABBA fire observations
on 7 September 2000

MOPITT carbon monoxide distribution - Click to enlarge

MOPITT carbon monoxide
on 7 September 2000

A MOPITT image from the MOPITT science team for 7 September 2000 shows an increased concentration of carbon monoxide downwind of heavy biomass burning in South America. The 850 mb streamline analysis indicates that biomass burning emissions were transported southward along the Andes mountain range. At 700 mb, approximately the level of the carbon monoxide retrieval, it is likely that the upper level pollutants were transported from the region of biomass burning eastward to the location of the carbon monoxide maximum.

850 mb streamline analysis - Click to enlarge

850 mb

700 mb streamline analysis - Click to enlarge

700 mb

500 mb streamline analysis - Click to enlarge

500 mb

*The MOPITT carbon monoxide average is provided courtesy of the MOPITT team: John Gille (NCAR), James Drummond (University of Toronto), and David Edwards (NCAR)

For more information about the MOPITT instrument, data, and imagery, please visit the MOPITT web site at https://terra.nasa.gov/about/terra-instruments/mopitt

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