13 July 2000 | Severe Convection Across Northern Wisconsin

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Strong to severe convection developed across extreme northeastern Wisconsin during the afternoon hours on 13 July 2000. GOES-8 and GOES-11 sounder Lifted Index (LI) derived product imagery (above, left) show that much of northeastern Wisconsin was becoming unstable (LI values between -4 and -8 C, yellow enhancement) around 20:00 UTC. GOES-11 sounder LI actually indicated slightly lower LI values than GOES-8, with a small region of LI less than -8 C (red enhancement).

GOES-11 imager visible channel (above, right) shows the development of convection during the period 17:45 - 21:07 UTC. Large hail (up to 1 inch in diameter) and damaging winds (gusts to 60 mph) were reported in extreme northeastern Wisconsin beginning at 20:13 UTC, and 2 tornadoes were observed in the Door County peninsula at 20:55 and 21:13 UTC.

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