Workshop Logistics


To make a reservation for this meeting, please call the Concourse Hotel at (800) 356-8293 and ask for the 4th NOAA Workshop on Hyperspectral Data before 29 July 2004 to get the gov't rate of $62 for single or $82 for double. Check for information (but cannot make a reservation there). They provide a free airport shuttle as well as free shuttle to and from the Pyle Center.


The meeting will be held at the Pyle Center in Madison, which is near the campus Union. The Pyle Center is located at 702 Langdon Street. The meeting will be in room 235.

Transportation and Parking

Rental cars are available at the airport.  However, unless you plan to travel outside of the university and downtown area, you probably won't need a car.  There are a multitude of restaurants within a mile of the hotel.  If you can't get the hotel shuttle, you can take a taxi.  If there are no taxis (not usually the case), you can call Badger Cabs at 256-5566.  They'll send one over generally within 10 minutes. 


There will be a fee (of $100) to cover food-related expenses (including 2 lunches and a dinner). Register here.


Other handy information (including other lodging facilities) may be found starting from the "visitor information" link on the SSEC overview page (  Feel free to contact Maria Vasys (608-263-7435) if you have questions relating to logistics.