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GOES-O Weighting Functions

February 27, 2009

Weighting functions for GOES-O were calculated for the US Standard Atmosphere at nadir and are shown here.



GOES-O Imager IR T/V Data

March 5, 2008

An updated power point with GOES-O thermal vacuum images are posted (of the 'second' frame). These images were made from both the SPS and the updated SSEC McIDAS systems. Note the improved spatial resolution of the 13.3 um band (6) of the GOES-O imager.

  (Click image to enlarge)


December 12, 2007

At the request of several users, NOAA/NESDIS has posted sample GOES-O Imager Thermal Vacuum Imager data in the new GVAR format. The idea for this dataset is for locations to test their GVAR ingestors without waiting for on-orbit data.

Readme file: -----------


The data set was genereated using MSPS v6.3.1.

Start time of data recorded: 11/10/04 14:15:14

End time of data recorded : 11/10/04 15:15:14

The following files were uploaded to the NGS ftp site:

GOESO_2007_298_14-15-59.bin - GVAR data in NRZL format


To Acquire the (large) binary data file, please contact us: E-Mail Contact Form

More information on the GVAR format is also posted by NOAA NESDIS OSO. The GOES-O and -P Imagers have improved spatial resolutions for the 13.3 um (band 6).

To see the images in mcidas, one must first 'strech' the data. For bands 2, 3, 4, 6:

IMGOPER A.3900 A.3920 SIZE=ALL UNIT=RAW SCALE=3200 3700 255 0

IMGOPER A.3901 A.3921 SIZE=ALL UNIT=RAW SCALE=12000 16000 255 0

IMGOPER A.3902 A.3922 SIZE=ALL UNIT=RAW SCALE=9000 12000 255 0

IMGOPER A.3903 A.3923 SIZE=ALL UNIT=RAW SCALE=13000 18000 255 0

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