04 April 2007 - MODIS Image Fader
Snow Cover Across the Northcentral US

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Click and drag the slider button under Set Fade Level to fade between the MODIS true color and false color images on 04 April 2007 (to quickly toggle between the 2 images, click the middle of the slider bar area, below the word Fade). The snow cover and clouds appear as white on the true color image; snow cover (and ice crystal clouds) appear as shades of red on the false color image, while water droplet clouds appear as white. A wide swath of snow cover was evident across much of the Upper Midwest region: snowfall totals from this 03-04 April snow event included 9 inches at Havana in North Dakota, 11.5 inches at Waubay Wildlife Refuge in South Dakota, 13.3 inches at Silver Bay in Minnesota, 18.0 inches at Hurley in Wisconsin, and 25.0 inches at Rockland in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Note that many of the rivers and lakes in northern North Dakota were still frozen.

Java applet developed by Tom Whittaker, CIMSS / SSEC