GOES-10 1-minute interval imagery

August 29th, 2006 |

The GOES-10 satellite has been placed into Super Rapid Scan Operations (SRSO) mode while the satellite is being re-positioned to support Southern Hemisphere operations this Fall. While in SRSO, the imagery is available at 1-minute intervals for certain portions of each hour (see the SSEC Rapid Scan GOES-10 Visible Imagery and GOES-10 1 minute Data sites). This frequent imaging schedule lets us view the evolution of cloud features on a much shorter time scale than the normal 15-minute image interval allows. On this particular day, some interesting boundary layer roll clouds developed in the Oklahoma panhandle region (this is often a signature of strong warm air advection within the lower troposphere); some organized convection is then seen to develop near the western (upstream) edge of these cloud features. A QuickTime animation (154 images; 11 MB file size) shows these visible images at 1-minute intervals from 19:01 to 22:41 UTC.
GOES-10 visible image

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