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GOES-17 Loop Heat Pipe Issue:

The Advanced Baseline Imager (ABI) IR imagery (bands 8-16) on GOES-17 will at times be degraded due to an issue with the GOES-17 loop heat pipe. GOES-17 has an issue with cooling of the detectors over certain times of the day, centered on approximately 13:30 UTC. For certain days of the year (centered on both equinoxes) there will be noisy, striped, and/or missing data. Some spectral bands are more sensitive than others. For example, ABI bands 12 and 10 are the first to show signs during heating periods. See the GOES Statistics Displays (all 16 ABI bands) to assess performance with respect to GOES-16 and the focal plane module (detector) temperatures (near-realtime and archived).

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