MATLAB AERI reader and browser

This directory contains MATLAB version 5.x code to load and browse AERI .cdf data files.

The two main functions are readaeri.m and rncbrowser.m . readaeri loads data from a .cdf file (produced by running dmvtocdf on a .rnc file) into a structure (the field names of this structure are defined explicitly for use with rncbrowser.) rncbrowser then uses the structure and provides a simple point and click browse of the data. Additional documentation can be found within the code itself. The other *.m files within this directory are called from within readaeri and rncbrowser. All of the files in the edittools toolbox directory are also required by rncbrowser. This directory (./edittools/) is added to the matlab path upon startup via startup.m.

See the readme.txt file for steps on how to run the programs. For help with any of the functions, type i.e. "help rncbrowser" at the MATLAB prompt. Some known bugs/limitations/features are listed at the beginning of each m-file. I've done only minimal testing on this package so it comes with the usual disclaimers.

sample image of screen 1

sample image of screen 2

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Dave Tobin, 11/04/97,