CIMSS iPad Library

Part of the CIMSS Climate Literacy Ambassadors project

In 2012 CIMSS launched a new initiative to engage teachers and students in data acquisition and regional climate studies. The CIMSS iPad Library loans iPads to science teachers for an entire school year! The first units were distributed at the ESIP Teacher Workshop where participants learned about several climate-related Apps, including SatCam, an application for iOS devices where users collect observations of cloud and surface conditions coordinated with an overpass of the Terra, Aqua, or Suomi NPP satellite. 

CLA workshop group
Teachers taking a SatCam observation (SatCam screen on right)
The CIMSS iPad Library is coordinated by the Schwerdtfeger Library at the UW-Madison Space Science and Engineering Center. A typical iPad loan agreement includes a berry-colored case, power adapter and projector cable. Along with a unique iPad ID, each unit includes a library bar code. (just like books!)