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Activities Listed by Lesson

Our Global Climate System

1) Life and Climate
Carbon Cycle Quiz Image
Carbon Projections Applet
NASA Carbon Dioxide Quiz
Water Cycle Quiz Image
NASA Global Water Vapor Imagery

2) Energy and Climate
NASA's Earth's Radiation Budget Experiment (ERBE)
ERBE Net Radiation Data Animation
CERES Net Radiation Data Animation
CERES Data (longwave & shortwave)
ERBE Data Exploration

3) Climate Regulators
NASA Greenhouse video clip
Simple Climate Model

Observations of Climate Change

4) Direct Observations of Recent Climate Change
NASA's Climate Time Machine
Wisconsin Snow Melt Imagery (2002-2003)
Nothern Hemisphere Snow Melt
1997 El Niño event video (NASA)

5) Paleoclimatic Perspectives on Climate (Indirect Observations)
Past Climates Graph

Proxy Data Fader

6) Past Climates – Natural Drivers
Asteriods Impact Picture
Milankovitch Applet
Vostek Data Quiz Image

Global Climate Change

7) Human Influences on Climate

EPA Climate Indicators
Urban Heat Island from Satellites
Trace Gases

8) Panels, Protocols and a Common Misconception about Ozone
NASA Ozone video
1958 Unchained Goddess video
IPCC Sumary for Policy Makers (PDF)

9) Probabilities, Uncertainties and Units used to quantify Climate Change
Lake Mendota Ice Off Excercise

Climate Modeling and Future Scenarios

10) Models as Tools

Simple Climate Model
Carbon Cyle Applet

NASA Computer Models video

11) Feedback Loops
Relative Humidty Applet
NASA feedback loop video
NASA Arctic Sea ice animation

12) Emission Scenarios
Atmospheric CO2 shelf life
SEED Bathtub stock & flow animation

13) Projections of Future Changes in Climate
North America sea level rise fader (1 meter)
Europe sea level rise fader (1 meter)
NE USA sea level rise fader (1 meter)
Florida sea level rise (1 meter)
NASA animation of the 2005 hurricane season

Regional Climate Change

14) Global Projections for Regional Climate Change
Journey of Man Interactive

15) Climate Change Impacts in the Continental United States
UCC Migrating Climates
NOAA Eco-regions activity
NASA images of Great Lakes seasons

16) Regional Mitigation & Adaptation Responses

EPA Carbon Footprint activity
Mitagation/Adaptation video

CIMSS Weather and Climate Applets