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Lesson 13

Projections of Future Changes in Climate

Climate science is based on the assumption that Earth's climate system is understandable and predictable. Observations, experiments, and theory used to construct and refine computer models and develop scientific explanations have led to a much better understanding of the links between the atmosphere-ocean system and how it relates to the overall climate system's behavior. As a result, increasingly more reliable projections of future climate have developed over time. Based on computer models and observations, scientists know that Earth will continue to warm and sea levels will rise due to the greenhouse gases we have already pumped into the atmosphere.

In this lesson you will learn:
1) Temperature & precipitation projections during the 21st century
2) Projections for climate change across several environmental systems

Time Requirement
This lesson should take around 40 minutes.

Science Standards covered in this lesson (click to show)
National Standards:
Geography: Environment and Society
Science Content: F Science in Personal and Social Perspectives
AP Environmental Science Topics:
Humans alter natural systems
Human survival depends on developing practices that will achieve sustainable systems
AP Human Geography
Characterize and analyze changing interconnections among places
Wisconsin Common Core Standards:
Science E Earth and Space Science
Science H Science in Personal and Social Perspectives