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NOAA-AWG Real-time Cloud Products and Images from CLAVR-x

This page provides access to data and Google Earth Imagery of cloud products generated from the NOAA Algorithm Working Group Algorithms run within the NOAA/NESDIS Operational Cloud Processing System (CLAVR-x). CLAVR-x is the basis of the GOES Surface and Insolation Project (GSIP) and geostationary data provided below are generated by CLAVR-x, not GSIP. Climate data from these algorithms are available from the Pathfinder Atmospheres Extended (PATMOS-x) Project.

Click on the sensor names to see results in Google Earth or to view the images directly. Click on the ftp links to access the actual data files.

Geostationary Data
goes-west link
goes-east link
seviri link
fy-2 link
coms link
him08 link
goes-west ftp
goes-east ftp
seviri ftp
not available
coms ftp
him08 ftp
Polar Orbiting Data
MODIS Domain
VIIRS Domain
ospo avhrr-gac ftp
avhrr-gac ftp
avhrr-hrpt ftp
avhrr-lac ftp
modis ftp
viirs ftp

The file contents and information on how to read the data in CLAVR-x Level-2 hdf files are provided the CLAVR-x Users Guide.

These data and images are generated with our best effort. We make no claims for reliability or accuracy and we reserve the right to cease production. Please do not develop critical applications using these data without contacting us. Please do not redistribute these data in any form.