University of Wisconsin Instrumentation
at the CAMEX-III Ground Truth Site

AUTEC FacilityFASCO Bldg
(24 deg 41.985 min N, 77 deg 46.102 min W)
Andros Island, Bahamas

The University of Wisconsin is responsible for the deployment and operation of several advanced meteorological instruments at the CAMEX-III ground truth site on Andros Island in the Bahamas.  The focus of the ground-based observations is on the accurate measurement of atmospheric water vapor in the column of atmosphere above the ground truth site.  Analysis of this data in conjunction with coincident observations from NASA aircraft and weather satellites will contribute to the improvement of hurricane prediction by providing validation of the algorithms and models used in the interpretation of the aircraft and satellite data.  The University of Wisconsin ground-based observations on Andros Island are being made in close coordination with the Goddard Space Flight Center Scanning Raman Lidar (SRL) and the Wallops Island Flight Facility (WFF) upper air balloon sounding teams.

Several state-of-the-art sensors were deployed by the University of Wisconsin on Andros Island,

The equipment is based in and around the University of Wisconsin research vehicle which was transported by barge to the island at end of July 1998.  Photo images of the instrument setup on Andros Island are given below (photos courtesy of John Short, U.Wisc).

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