AFWEX Status, 02 December 2000

Recap and Weather:
Mostly cloudy conditions at mid-day with chance of a 1km stratus deck over Oklahoma to become broken by evening. Scheduled for a DC-8 take-off time of 1945 CST with a flight plan similar to the 11/29 flight. At 1845 the flight was canceled due to overcast conditions at the CART site and thick cirrus moving in from the south-west. At the CART site, the low clouds became broken by 2030 CST and then dissipated by ~2200 CST. The cirrus moved in to cover most of northern Oklahoma with a base of ~9.5km and a 1.5 to 2km thickness and persisted throughout the night.

Instrument Status/Comments
CART site:
   CART Raman Lidar Normal operation.
   GSFC Raman Lidar Operated from 2030 to 2330 CST.
   MPI DIAL No operations.
   WFF Chilled Mirror Sondes No operations.
   Other 1730 and 2030 CST Vaisala sondes launched at standard times.
   LASE No operations.
   DLH No operations.
   Cryo frost-point/chilled-mirror No operations.
   SHIS No operations.
   COAST No operations.
   AeroSapient Operated on the aircraft for ~2 hrs.
   NAST-I No operations.
   NAST-M No operations.
   FIRSC No operations.

Dave Tobin, University of Wisconsin