Latest News: 12 February 2004 AERI Boundary facilities have been removed and the systems are being relocated to Barrow, Alaska; Darwin Australia; and a new mobile facility.

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Current AERIplus Retrieval Summaries:

Lamont, OK

click on the dots on the image above for that location's current retrieval summary Lamont, OK
Real Time AERI atmospheric retrieval data from Dept. of Energy (DOE) Atmospheric Radiation Measurement (ARM) Southern Great Plains (SGP) sites (US) - the dots on the satellite image to the left are the locations of the sites.
  Realtime Madison, WI Retrievals


AERIPLUS Profiles:

SKEWT Animations for Current Day:

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Data, images and case studies for AERIPlus locations, including:
  • Hillsboro, KS
  • Lamont, OK
  • Madison, WI
  • Morris, OK
  • Purcell, OK
  • Vici, OK

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GAPEX Denver,CO Oct-88 HIS
CRSPE Madison, WI Nov-Dec 1989 HIS, GB-HIS
WISP Platteville, CO Mar-91 GB-HIS
PT SUR 1991 Monterey, CA May-91 GB-HIS
SPECTRE Coffeyville, KS Nov-Dec 1991 GB-HIS, AERI P rototype
STORMFEST Seneca, KS Feb-Mar 1992 AERI Prototype
PT SUR 1992 Monterey, CA May-92 AERI Prototype
ARM SGP Lamont, OK Mar 1993-Jun 1995 AERI Prototype
VOCAR Pt Mugu, CA Aug-Sep 1993 AERI-01 (LN2)
CAMEX Wallops Island, VA Sep-Oct 1993 AERI-01 (LN2)
OTIS Gulf of Mexico Jan-95 AERI-01 (LN2)
CAMEX II Wallops Island, VA Aug-Sep 1995 AERI Proto type
CSP R/V DISCOVERER Mar-Apr 1996 AERI Prototype
WVIOP96 Lamont, OK Sep-96 AERI Prototype
WINCE Madison, WI Jan-Feb 1997 AERI Prototype
WVIOP97 Lamont, OK Sep-Oct 1997 AERI Prototype
SHEBA Arctic Ice Pack Sep 1997-Aug 1998 AERI-00U
WALLOPS98 Wallops Island, VA Jul-98 AERI Prototype
CAMEX3 Andros Island Aug-Sep 1998 AERI Prototype
WINTEX Madison, WI Mar-Apr 1999 AERI Prototype
WALLOPS99 Wallops Island, VA Aug-99 AERI Prototype
WISC-T2000 Madison, WI Feb-Mar 2000 AERI Prototype
WVIOP2000 Lamont, OK Sep-Oct 2000 AERI Prototype
AFWEX Lamont, OK Nov-Dec 2000 AERI Prototype
TX-2001 Lamont, OK Mar-Apr 2001 AERI Prototype
CLAMS Wallops Island, VA Jun-Jul 2001 AERI Prototyp e
IHOP OK Panhandle May-Jun 2002 AERI-03
CRYSTAL-FACE Everglades, Florida Jul-Aug 2002 AERI- 03
TX-2002 Lamont, OK Nov-Dec 2002 AERI-03

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